22 February 2011
Vol 4, Issue 161

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Online Cover This week's issue features a Research Article that provides evidence for cross-regulation between the two main transcription factor families that mediate innate immune responses. Homodimers of the p50 subunit of NF-κB can bind to a subset of interferon-regulated genes and prevent the binding of the interferon-regulated transcription factors (IRFs). The image is an artist's rendition of this competition and shows two interferon-regulated gene promoters. In the left one, binding of a p50 homodimer (blue) blocks the binding of an IRF (orange) and represses transcription. In the gene promoter on the right, the IRF binds to its target sequence and activates gene expression. Listen to the Podcast interview with the senior author of this study. [Image: Chris Bickel, AAAS]