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Plant Ultraviolet Perception

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Science Signaling  05 Apr 2011:
Vol. 4, Issue 167, pp. ec97
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.4167ec97

Numerous plant photoreceptors act in the visible wavelengths of light. Now, Rizzini et al. report the discovery of a plant ultraviolet (UV)–B photoreceptor with distinctive mechanistic features. The plant UV-B photoreceptor, the Arabidopsis UVR8 protein, used a specifically positioned aromatic amino acid, tryptophan, as its chromophore. The UV-driven monomerization of UVR8 dimers signaled receptor activation. Furthermore, this plant UV perception system could be transplanted into yeast and mammalian cells.

L. Rizzini, J.-J. Favory, C. Cloix, D. Faggionato, A. O’Hara, E. Kaiserli, R. Baumeister, E. Schäfer, F. Nagy, G. I. Jenkins, R. Ulm, Perception of UV-B by the Arabidopsis UVR8 protein. Science 332, 103–106 (2011). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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