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Unraveling Neuropathic Pain

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Science Signaling  13 Sep 2011:
Vol. 4, Issue 190, pp. ec257
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.4190ec257

Neuropathic pain results from nerve damage and is evoked by trauma in conditions ranging from shingles and diabetes to cancer chemotherapy, but the mechanisms remain poorly understood. By using gene knockouts in animal models, Emery et al. found that a member of the HCN ion channel family is important in both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. This discovery opens up the possibility of developing specific antagonists to treat neuropathic pain.

E. C. Emery, G. T. Young, E. M. Berrocoso, L. Chen, P. A. McNaughton, HCN2 ion channels play a central role in inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Science 333, 1462–1466 (2011). [Abstract] [Full Text]

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