08 November 2011
Vol 4, Issue 198
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      • Systematic Phosphorylation Analysis of Human Mitotic Protein Complexes

        Analysis of the phosphorylation of mitotic protein complexes suggests that specific members of the complexes relay regulatory signals to these molecular machines.

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      • Which Way Out?

        Adenomatous polyposis coli determines the apical or basal site of cell extrusion from epithelia.

      • Provoking Preterm Birth

        Mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling in the uterus contributes to preterm birth in mice.

      • More Than a Proton Pump

        Cellular sensing of amino acids occurs at the lysosome and is mediated by the vacuolar proton pump.

      • Fly Guts

        Successful development of fruit flies depends on a gut bacterium that interacts with its host’s insulin-signaling pathway.

      • Exercise for Life

        Gentle exercise can ameliorate disease severity in a mouse model of a fatal neurodegenerative disease.

      • Getting Connected

        Acetylation of an amino-terminal methionine is important for mediating specific protein-protein interactions.

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Online Cover This week features a Perspective that describes how desensitization of a receptor for sphingosine 1-phosphate enables lymphocytes to leave the vascular compartment. The image shows T cells recirculating through lymph nodes. [Image: Yana Hammond/Science Signaling]