17 January 2012
Vol 5, Issue 207
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      • Nuclear PTEN Promotes Neuronal Survival

        The Nedd4 ubiquitin ligase adaptor Ndfip1 is needed for nuclear translocation of the lipid phosphatase Pten after cerebral ischemia.

      • Cocaine Controls Nuclear Import

        Cocaine promotes the nuclear accumulation of histone deacetylase 5, which limits the rewarding effect of the drug.

      • Long-Lasting Pain Killer

        Opioid administration turns down a pain amplifier by reversing synaptic long-term potentiation in spinal nociceptive pathways.

      • Adapted by Methylation

        Methylation of two adaptor proteins by a bacterial effector protein prevents activation of the NF-κB pathway.

      • TACE Trafficking

        A pseudoprotease is required for the proteolytic cleavage of the proinflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor.

      • Restraining Dangerous Neighbors

        Exosomal secretion of microRNAs from noncancerous cells can inhibit cancer cell proliferation.

      • Parasite Invasion Strategy

        An evolutionarily conserved Ca2+-binding protein promotes parasite invasion.

      • Fluoride Riboswitch

        A fluoride-sensing riboswitch regulates the expression of putative fluoride channels in prokaryotes.

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Online Cover This week features a Research Article that suggests that release of the cytokine interleukin-11 from dying hepatocytes in response to oxidative stress stimulates the compensatory proliferation of surrounding cells to maintain tissue homeostasis. The image shows dying hepatocytes surrounding the central vein in the liver of a mouse treated with the drug acetaminophen. [Image: Takashi Nishina and Hiroyasu Nakano, Juntendo University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan]