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Neuregulin-1 Type I: A Hidden Power Within Schwann Cells for Triggering Peripheral Nerve Remyelination

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Science Signaling  09 Apr 2013:
Vol. 6, Issue 270, pp. jc1
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2003945

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Physiological interactions and reciprocal signaling between axons and Schwann cells play critical roles in nerve development and survival. Axonally derived neuregulin-1 (NRG-1) type III is an essential modulator of Schwann cells during development, nerve repair, and remyelination. A recent report demonstrates an unexpected regulatory role for Schwann cell–derived NRG-1 type I in Schwann cell plasticity and remyelination after peripheral nerve injury. Specifically expressed in Schwann cells at critical time points after nerve injury, this isoform of NRG-1 emerges as a driving force for regeneration and remyelination programs.

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