18 March 2014
Vol 7, Issue 317
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      • Inflammable Mucus

        Inflammasomes play a role in nonimmune cells of the intestine to produce a mucus barrier that protects against infection.

      • Blocking Brain Metastasis

        Blocking a family of protease inhibitors secreted by lung and breast cancer cells could inhibit brain metastasis.

      • Clearance of Chronic Virus

        Cytokine induction renders viral DNA vulnerable and eliminates infection.

      • Hexing Complement

        Hexameric platforms of antibodies on the cell surface trigger the complement cascade.

      • Crossed Homodimer

        The crystal structure of an interferon-induced ribonuclease shows how it selects and shreds its RNA targets.

      • Touchy-Feely Genes

        The stumble gene in flies is required in neurons that sense joint angles.

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Online Cover This week features a Research Article that describes the chemical cues involved in altering the Ca2+ signals that lead to arrhythmias in heart cells exposed to mechanical stress. The image shows an artist's depiction of a mechanical heart. [Image: ADDRicky/iStockphoto]