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Science Signaling  19 Jan 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 411, pp. ec14
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aaf2519

Muscle Physiology

Another micropeptide flexes its muscle

A long noncoding RNA encodes a small peptide that activates a calcium pump regulating muscle contraction.

B. R. Nelson, C. A. Makarewich, D. M. Anderson, B. R. Winders, C. D. Troupes, F. Wu, A. L. Reese, J. R. McAnally, X. Chen, E. T. Kavalali, S. C. Cannon, S. R. Houser, R. Bassel-Duby, E. N. Olson, A peptide encoded by a transcript annotated as long noncoding RNA enhances SERCA activity in muscle. Science 351, 271–275 (2016). [Abstract]

F. Payre, C. Desplan, Small peptides control heart activity. Science 351, 226–227 (2016). [Abstract]


How to shape mitochondrial networks

An energy-sensing kinase phosphorylates a mitochondrial membrane protein that initiates fragmentation.

E. Q. Toyama, S. Herzig, J. Courchet, T. L. Lewis Jr., O. C. Losón, K. Hellberg, N. P. Young, H. Chen, F. Polleux, D. C. Chan, R. J. Shaw, AMP-activated protein kinase mediates mitochondrial fission in response to energy stress. Science 351, 275–281 (2016). [Abstract]