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Science Signaling  26 Jan 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 412, pp. ec18
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aaf3012

Small RNAS

Offspring affected by sperm small RNAs

Abundant transfer RNA fragments in maturing mammalian sperm regulate expression of endogenous retroelements in the embryo.

U. Sharma, C. C. Conine, J. M. Shea, A. Boskovic, A. G. Derr, X. Y. Bing, C. Belleannee, A. Kucukural, R. W. Serra, F. Sun, L. Song, B. R. Carone, E. P. Ricci, X. Z. Li, L. Fauquier, M. J. Moore, R.t Sullivan, C. C. Mello, M. Garber, O. J. Rando, Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals. Science 351, 391–396 (2016). [Abstract]

Fragments of transfer RNA in sperm serve as paternal epigenetic factors linked to diet-induced metabolic problems in their offspring.

Q. Chen, M. Yan, Z. Cao, X. Li, Y. Zhang, J. Shi, G.-h. Feng, H. Peng, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Qian, E. Duan, Q. Zhai, Q. Zhou, Sperm tsRNAs contribute to intergenerational inheritance of an acquired metabolic disorder. Science 351, 397–400 (2016). [Abstract]


Neuronal migrations follow vascular pathways

Cells that migrate far and wide through the developing brain follow blood vessels to find their way.

H.-H. Tsai, J. Niu, R. Munji, D. Davalos, J. Chang, H. Zhang, A.-C. Tien, C. J. Kuo, J. R. Chan, R. Daneman, S. P. J. Fancy, Oligodendrocyte precursors migrate along vasculature in the developing nervous system. Science 351, 379–384 (2016). [Abstract]

E. Dejana, C. Betsholtz, Oligodendrocytes follow blood vessel trails in the brain. Science 351, 341–342 (2016). [Abstract]


Cell death establishes a site for development

Cycles of programmed cell death establish the developmental clock in plant roots.

W. Xuan, L. R. Band, R. P. Kumpf, D. V. Damme, B. Parizot, G. De Rop, D. Opdenacker, B. K. Möller, N. Skorzinski, M. F. Njo, B. De Rybel, D. Audenaert, M. K. Nowack, S. Vanneste, T. Beeckman, Cyclic programmed cell death stimulates hormone signaling and root development in Arabidopsis. Science 351, 384–387 (2016). [Abstract]

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