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Science Signaling  15 Mar 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 419, pp. ec62
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aaf6649


Timing the attack on cancer cells

The effectiveness of radiation on cancer cells depends on the dynamic cell state.

S.-h. Chen, W. Forrester, G. Lahav, Schedule-dependent interaction between anticancer treatments. Science 351, 1204–1208 (2016). [Abstract]


Tumors put in a vulnerable position

Tumors cope with a genomic change by rewiring their metabolism, but this makes them more susceptible to certain drugs.

K. J. Mavrakis, E. R. McDonald III, M. R. Schlabach, E. Billy, G. R. Hoffman, A. deWeck, D. A. Ruddy, K. Venkatesan, J. Yu, G. McAllister, M. Stump, R. deBeaumont, S. Ho, Y. Yue, Y. Liu, Y. Yan-Neale, G. Yang, F. Lin, H. Yin, H. Gao, D. R. Kipp, S. Zhao, J. T. McNamara, E. R. Sprague, B. Zheng, Y. Lin, Y. S. Cho, J. Gu, K. Crawford, D. Ciccone, A. C. Vitari, A. Lai, V. Capka, K. Hurov, J. A. Porter, J. Tallarico, C. Mickanin, E. Lees, R. Pagliarini, N. Keen, T. Schmelzle, F. Hofmann, F. Stegmeier, W. R. Sellers, Disordered methionine metabolism in MTAP/CDKN2A-deleted cancers leads to dependence on PRMT5. Science 351, 1208–1213 (2016). [Abstract]

G. V. Kryukov, F. H. Wilson, J. R. Ruth, J. Paulk, A. Tsherniak, S. E. Marlow, F. Vazquez, B. A. Weir, M. E. Fitzgerald, M. Tanaka, C. M. Bielski, J. M. Scott, C. Dennis, G. S. Cowley, J. S. Boehm, D. E. Root, T. R. Golub, C. B. Clish, J. E. Bradner, W. C. Hahn, L. A. Garraway, MTAP deletion confers enhanced dependency on the PRMT5 arginine methyltransferase in cancer cells. Science 351, 1214–1218 (2016). [Abstract]


Signal problems in autism spectrum disorder

Small-molecule therapeutics improve the social response in a mouse model of one of the autism spectrum disorders.

M. Bidinosti, P. Botta, S. Krüttner, C. C. Proenca, N. Stoehr, M. Bernhard, I. Fruh, M. Mueller, D. Bonenfant, H. Voshol, W. Carbone, S. J. Neal, S. M. McTighe, G. Roma, R. E. Dolmetsch, J. A. Porter, P. Caroni, T. Bouwmeester, A. Lüthi, I. Galimberti, CLK2 inhibition ameliorates autistic features associated with SHANK3 deficiency. Science 351, 1199–1203 (2016). [Abstract]

J. P. H. Burbach, Unraveling a pathway to autism. Science 351, 1153–1154 (2016). [Abstract]