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Science Signaling  26 Jul 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 438, pp. ec173
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aah6180


Eliminating paternal mitochondria

A mitochondrial enzyme promotes the destruction and removal of sperm-derived mitochondria in nematode worm embryos.

Q. Zhou, H. Li, H. Li, A. Nakagawa, J. L. J. Lin, E.-S. Lee, B. L. Harry, R. R. Skeen-Gaar, Y. Suehiro, D. William, S. Mitani, H. S. Yuan, B.-H. Kang, D. Xue, Mitochondrial endonuclease G mediates breakdown of paternal mitochondria upon fertilization. Science 353, 394–399 (2016). [Abstract]


Cyclin suppresses antitumor immunity

Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 expression by tumors inhibits antitumor immunity in human and mouse medulloblastoma.

R. D. Dorand, J. Nthale, J. T. Myers, D. S. Barkauskas, S. Avril, S. M. Chirieleison, T. K. Pareek, D. W. Abbott, D. S. Stearns, J. J. Letterio, A. Y. Huang, A. Petrosiute, Cdk5 disruption attenuates tumor PD-L1 expression and promotes antitumor immunity. Science 353, 399–403 (2016). [Abstract]


Next steps toward curing HIV-1

A review describes the next steps needed to help to develop a cure for AIDS.

D. M. Margolis, J. V. Garcia, D. J. Hazuda, B. F. Haynes, Latency reversal and viral clearance to cure HIV-1. Science 353, aaf6517 (2016). [Abstract]


Building a computing system in bacteria

Designed circuits in bacteria can record input events and alter gene expression output.

N. Roquet, A. P. Soleimany, A. C. Ferris, S. Aaronson, T. K. Lu, Synthetic recombinase-based state machines in living cells. Science 353, aad8559 (2016). [Abstract]

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