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Science Signaling  23 Aug 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 442, pp. ec194
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aai8382


Stop wiggling and hold that pose

The x-ray structural disorder of small molecules is reduced by covalent binding in a metal-organic framework.

S. Lee, E. A. Kapustin, O. M. Yaghi, Coordinative alignment of molecules in chiral metal-organic frameworks. Science 353, 808–811 (2016). [Abstract]

L. Öhrström, Now you see me too. Science 353, 754–755 (2016). [Abstract]


Patterns of development regulation within tissues

An atlas of the maize functional genome reveals patterns of developmental regulation within tissues for the transcriptome, proteome, and phosphoproteome.

J. W. Walley, R. C. Sartor, Z. Shen, R. J. Schmitz, K. J. Wu, M. A. Urich, J. R. Nery, L. G. Smith, J. C. Schnable, J. R. Ecker, S. P. Briggs, Integration of omic networks in a developmental atlas of maize. Science 353, 814–818 (2016). [Abstract]

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