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Science Signaling  13 Sep 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 445, pp. ec214
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aaj1840


Putting precision medicine in tissue context

Where they come from, not just which oncogenic mutations, determines how tumors satisfy their metabolic requirements.

J. R. Mayers, M. E. Torrence, L. V. Danai, T. Papagiannakopoulos, S. M. Davidson, M. R. Bauer, A. N. Lau, B. W. Ji, P. D. Dixit, A. M. Hosios, A. Muir, C. R. Chin, E. Freinkman, T. Jacks, B. M. Wolpin, D. Vitkup, M. G. Vander Heiden, Tissue of origin dictates branched-chain amino acid metabolism in mutant Kras-driven cancers. Science 353, 1161–1165 (2016). [Abstract]

K. H. Vousden, M. Yang, Location, location, location. Science 353, 1095–1096 (2016). [Abstract]


Dissecting collective cell migration

Multicellular clusters can follow stiffness gradients during collective cell migration.

R. Sunyer, V. Conte, J. Escribano, A. Elosegui-Artola, A. Labernadie, L. Valon, D. Navajas, J. M. García-Aznar, J. J. Muñoz, P. Roca-Cusachs, X. Trepat, Collective cell durotaxis emerges from long-range intercellular force transmission. Science 353, 1157–1161 (2016). [Abstract]


Identifying synapse-specific proteins

The proteins that form the inhibitory postsynaptic structure are unveiled.

A. Uezu, D. J. Kanak, T. W. A. Bradshaw, E. J. Soderblom, C. M. Catavero, A. C. Burette, R. J. Weinberg, S. H. Soderling, Identification of an elaborate complex mediating postsynaptic inhibition. Science 353, 1123–1129 (2016). [Abstract]


Building better cellular memories

Signaling dynamics can be monitored within cells by exploiting a DNA mutation mechanism.

S. D. Perli, C. H. Cui, T. K. Lu, Continuous genetic recording with self-targeting CRISPR-Cas in human cells. Science 353, aag0511 (2016). [Abstract]

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