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Science Signaling  04 Oct 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 448, pp. ec230
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aal1235


Receptor propagates protein aggregation

Neuronal surface protein binds and transmits a key culprit in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis.

X. Mao, M. T. Ou, S. S. Karuppagounder, T.-I. Kam, X. Yin, Y. Xiong, P. Ge, G. E. Umanah, S. Brahmachari, J.-H. Shin, H. C. Kang, J. Zhang, J. Xu, R. Chen, H. Park, S. A. Andrabi, S. U. Kang, R. A. Gonçalves, Y. Liang, S. Zhang, C. Qi, S. Lam, J. A. Keiler, J. Tyson, D. Kim, N. Panicker, S. P. Yun, C. J. Workman, D. A. A. Vignali, V. L. Dawson, H. S. Ko, T. M. Dawson, Pathological α-synuclein transmission initiated by binding lymphocyte-activation gene 3. Science 353, aah3374 (2016). [Abstract]

M. Jucker, M. Heikenwalder, Immune receptor for pathogenic α-synuclein. Science 353, 1498–1499 (2016). [Abstract]


Organ crosstalk for insulin secretion

Fruitflys’ fat body signals metabolic status to insulin-producing cells in the brain.

R. Delanoue, E. Meschi, N. Agrawal, A. Mauri, Y. Tsatskis, H. McNeill, P. Léopold, Drosophila insulin release is triggered by adipose Stunted ligand to brain Methuselah receptor. Science 353, 1553–1556 (2016). [Abstract]


A histone brake on tumor growth

Expression of an integral chromatin protein is involved in controlling the self-renewing potential of some cancer cells.

C. M. Torres, A. Biran, M. J. Burney, H. Patel, T. Henser-Brownhill, A.-H. S. Cohen, Y. Li, R. Ben-Hamo, E. Nye, B.y Spencer-Dene, P. Chakravarty, S. Efroni, N. Matthews, T. Misteli, E. Meshorer, P. Scaffidi, The linker histone H1.0 generates epigenetic and functional intratumor heterogeneity. Science 353, aaf1644 (2016). [Abstract]


Repairing the breaks you make

DNA replication and the up-regulation of machinery that repairs DNA replication errors are coordinated by a cell-cycle protein.

A. Kanakkanthara, K. B. Jeganathan, J. F. Limzerwala, D. J. Baker, M. Hamada, H.-J. Nam, W. H. van Deursen, N. Hamada, R. M. Naylor, N. A. Becker, B. A. Davies, J. H. van Ree, G. Mer, V. S. Shapiro, L. J. Maher III, D. J. Katzmann, J. M. van Deursen, Cyclin A2 is an RNA binding protein that controls Mre11 mRNA translation. Science 353, 1549–1552 (2016). [Abstract]


Modeling hepatitis A in mice

Mouse model of hepatitis reveals how the immune system regulates virus-induced liver disease.

A. Hirai-Yuki, L. Hensley, D. R. McGivern, O. González-López, A. Das, H. Feng, L. Sun, J. E. Wilson, F. Hu, Z. Feng, W. Lovell, I. Misumi, J. P.-Y. Ting, S. Montgomery, J. Cullen, J. K. Whitmire, S. M. Lemon, MAVS-dependent host species range and pathogenicity of human hepatitis A virus. Science 353, 1541–1545 (2016). [Abstract]

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