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Paper of note in Science Immunology

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Science Signaling  01 Nov 2016:
Vol. 9, Issue 452, pp. ec256
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aal2946


Microbial fatty acids get under your skin

Microbial short-chain fatty acids inhibit HDAC activity and contribute to keratinocyte-triggered skin inflammation.

J. A. Sanford, L.-J. Zhang, M. R. Williams, J. A. Gangoiti, C.-M. Huang, R. L. Gallo, Inhibition of HDAC8 and HDAC9 by microbial short-chain fatty acids breaks immune tolerance of the epidermis to TLR ligands. Sci. Immunol. 1, eaah4609 (2016). [Abstract]

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