A Wnt-er Migration: The Confusing Role of β-Catenin in Melanoma Metastasis

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Science Signaling  19 Mar 2013:
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2004114


Wnt signaling in melanoma is complex, requiring the coordinate expression of multiple players. Depending on the context of receptors and co-receptors that are present, Wnt proteins may signal through either canonical or noncanonical pathways. The role of β-catenin in melanoma metastasis remains unclear; however, a new study points to the roles of Wnt5A and ARF6 in driving β-catenin expression and melanoma metastasis. Here, we discuss this finding and how it may help us define different subpopulations of melanoma cells that could have different outcomes, as well as different responses to therapy.

Full article available 26 March 2013, Vol. 6, Issue 268, pe11

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