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PKCε Regulation of an α5 Integrin�ZO-1 Complex Controls Lamellae Formation in Migrating Cancer Cells

Saara Tuomi, Anja Mai, Jonna Nevo, Jukka O. Laine, Vesa Vilkki, Tiina J. �hman, Carl G. Gahmberg, Peter J. Parker, Johanna Ivaska*

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: Johanna.ivaska{at}

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Fig. S1. α5 integrin is increased on the cell surface and contributes to migration of NCI-H460 cells.
  • Fig. S2. α5 integrin, but not α2 integrin, is recruited to the lamellae with ZO-1 upon wounding.
  • Fig. S3. Verification of siRNA efficacy.
  • Fig. S4. α5 integrin and ZO-1 colocalize in the lamellae of breast cancer cells; silencing of ZO-1 influences focal adhesion morphology.
  • Fig. S5. ZO-1 knock-down increases Rac activity.
  • Fig. S6. α5WT- and α5PPAA-expressing cells adhere equally well to fibronectin but differ in lamellae formation.
  • Fig. S7. α5 integrin and ZO-1 form a complex in a fraction of lung cancers.
  • Fig. S8. ZO-1 phosphorylation is increased in subconfluent cells; PKC inhibition impairs recruitment of α5 integrin and ZO-1 to lamellae; α5 mediates adhesion to fibronectin.
  • Fig. S9. Loss of PKCε does not influence internalization of α5 integrin from the cell surface.
  • Fig. S10. PKCε regulates the subcellular localization of ZO-1 through the putative PKC site Ser168.

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Movies S1 through S5 and movie descriptions

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  • Movie S1. (filename:; file size 896 KB; QuickTime Movie)
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  • Movie S4. (filename:; file size 876 KB; QuickTime Movie)
  • Movie S5. (filename:; file size 1.11 MB; QuickTime Movie)

Citation: S. Tuomi, A. Mai, J. Nevo, J. O. Laine, V. Vilkki, T. J. Öhman, C. G. Gahmberg, P. J. Parker, J. Ivaska, PKCε regulation of an α5 integrin�ZO-1 complex controls lamellae formation in migrating cancer cells. Sci. Signal.2, ra32 (2009).

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