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c-FLIP Maintains Tissue Homeostasis by Preventing Apoptosis and Programmed Necrosis

Xuehua Piao, Sachiko Komazawa-Sakon, Takashi Nishina, Masato Koike, Jiang-Hu Piao, Hanno Ehlken, Hidetake Kurihara, Mutsuko Hara, Nico Van Rooijen, Günther Schütz, Masaki Ohmuraya, Yasuo Uchiyama, Hideo Yagita, Ko Okumura, You-Wen He, Hiroyasu Nakano*

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: hnakano{at}

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  • Fig. S1. Histological analysis of the small intestine and colon.
  • Fig. S2. c-FlipF/F;Villin-Cre;Tnfr1+/– mice do not develop colitis.
  • Fig. S3. ConA-induced hepatitis is exacerbated in c-FlipF/F;Alb-Cre mice.
  • Fig. S4. Degradation of RIPK1 protein correlates with selective induction of apoptosis in the liver.
  • Fig. S5. c-FLIP in hepatocytes, but not hematopoietic cells, plays a crucial role in the protection of hepatocytes from cell death.
  • Fig. S6. Administration of clodronate liposomes and anti-ASGM1 antibody depletes Kupffer cells and NK cells, respectively.
  • Fig. S7. Clodronate liposomes inhibit poly I:C–induced depletion of c-FLIP protein in the livers of c-FlipF/F;Mx1-Cre mice through suppression of Ifnb1 expression.
  • Table S1. Elimination of Tnfr1 partially rescues the perinatal lethality of c-FlipF/F;Villin-Cre mice.
  • Table S2. Genotyping of c-FlipF/F;Alfp-Cre mice that were generated by crossing c-FlipF/+;Alfp-Cre mice with c-FlipF/F mice.
  • Table S3. Elimination of Tnfr1 does not rescue the perinatal lethality of c-FlipF/F;Alfp-Cre mice.

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Citation: X. Piao, S. Komazawa-Sakon, T. Nishina, M. Koike, J.-H. Piao, H. Ehlken, H. Kurihara, M. Hara, N. Van Rooijen, G. Schütz, M. Ohmuraya, Y. Uchiyama, H. Yagita, K. Okumura, Y.-W. He, H. Nakano, c-FLIP Maintains Tissue Homeostasis by Preventing Apoptosis and Programmed Necrosis. Sci. Signal. 5, ra93 (2012).

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