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An engineered S1P chaperone attenuates hypertension and ischemic injury

Steven L. Swendeman, Yuquan Xiong, Anna Cantalupo, Hui Yuan, Nathalie Burg, Yu Hisano, Andreane Cartier, Catherine H. Liu, Eric Engelbrecht, Victoria Blaho, Yi Zhang, Keisuke Yanagida, Sylvain Galvani, Hideru Obinata, Jane E. Salmon, Teresa Sanchez, Annarita Di Lorenzo, Timothy Hla*

*Corresponding author. Email: timothy.hla{at}

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  • Fig. S1. Sphingolipid base content of purified ApoM-Fc and ApoM-Fc–TM.
  • Fig. S2. Plasma lipid concentrations in mice after ApoM-Fc administration.
  • Fig. S3. ApoM-Fc is found in the soluble protein fraction of plasma in vivo.
  • Fig. S4. ApoM-Fc does not induce lymphopenia.
  • Fig. S5. ApoM-Fc does not induce lymphocyte accumulation in lymphoid tissues.
  • Table S1. Physiological variables in mice treated with PBS, ApoM-Fc, or ApoMFc–TM.

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Citation: S. L. Swendeman, Y. Xiong, A. Cantalupo, H. Yuan, N. Burg, Y. Hisano, A. Cartier, C. H. Liu, E. Engelbrecht, V. Blaho, Y. Zhang, K. Yanagida, S. Galvani, H. Obinata, J. E. Salmon, T. Sanchez, A. Di Lorenzo, T. Hla, An engineered S1P chaperone attenuates hypertension and ischemic injury. Sci. Signal. 10, eaal2722 (2017).

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