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A natural ligand for the orphan receptor GPR15 modulates lymphocyte recruitment to epithelia

Thomas Suply, Sébastien Hannedouche, Nathalie Carte, Jianping Li, Bianka Grosshans, Michael Schaefer, Layla Raad, Valérie Beck, Solange Vidal, Agnès Hiou-Feige, Noémie Beluch, Samuel Barbieri, Johann Wirsching, Nadine Lageyre, Frank Hillger, Corinne Debon, Janet Dawson, Philip Smith, Vincent Lannoy, Michel Detheux, Francis Bitsch, Rocco Falchetto, Tewis Bouwmeester, Jeffrey Porter, Birgit Baumgarten, Keith Mansfield, José M. Carballido, Klaus Seuwen,* Frédéric Bassilana*

*Corresponding author. Email: frederic.bassilana{at} (F.B.); klaus.seuwen{at} (K.S.)

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Purification of GPR15L from porcine colon through two protocols of liquid chromatography.
  • Fig. S2. Ligand identification and elucidation of disulfide bridges.
  • Fig. S3. Ab initio three-dimensional model building for GPR15L.
  • Fig. S4. Cross-species function and pharmacology of GPR15L.
  • Fig. S5. Tissue distribution of GPR15L in mice and humans.
  • Fig. S6. GPR15L-dependent inhibition of migration.
  • Fig. S7. In vivo effects of GPR15L in allograft transplantation.
  • Table S1. Testing of porcine GPR15L for agonist and antagonist activities on a panel of GPCRs.
  • Table S2. Testing of hGPR15L activity on a panel of chemokine receptors.
  • Table S3. Chemokines evaluated for agonistic activity on GPR15.
  • Table S4. Summary of all calcium responses stimulated by GPR15L truncation variants.
  • Reference (30)

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Citation: T. Suply, S. Hannedouche, N. Carte, J. Li, B. Grosshans, M. Schaefer, L. Raad, V. Beck, S. Vidal, A. Hiou-Feige, N. Beluch, S. Barbieri, J. Wirsching, N. Lageyre, F. Hillger, C. Debon, J. Dawson, P. Smith, V. Lannoy, M. Detheux, F. Bitsch, R. Falchetto, T. Bouwmeester, J. Porter, B. Baumgarten, K. Mansfield, J. M. Carballido, K. Seuwen, F. Bassilana, A natural ligand for the orphan receptor GPR15 modulates lymphocyte recruitment to epithelia. Sci. Signal. 10, eaal0180 (2017).

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