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Pin1 mediates Aβ42-induced dendritic spine loss

Nancy R. Stallings, Melissa A. O'Neal, Jie Hu, Ege T. Kavalali, Ilya Bezprozvanny, James S. Malter*

*Corresponding author. Email: james.malter{at}

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Pin1 loss causes spine loss.
  • Fig. S2. Pin1 successfully recombined in mouse hippocampus after AAV-GFP-Cre.
  • Fig. S3. Pin1 reconstitution restores mature spine counts in the presence of Aβ42.
  • Fig. S4. FK506 restoration of spines requires Pin1.
  • Fig. S5. Pin1-S111D restores spine counts in wild-type or knockout cells treated with Aβ42.

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