Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Fig. S1. Abundances of unknown compounds during transient expression of Arabidopsis NHP biosynthesis genes in N. benthamiana.
  • Fig. S2. Production of Pip and NHP in tomato plants in response to Pst.
  • Fig. S3. Local NHP treatment induces systemic defense in pepper plants.
  • Fig. S4. Production of NHP during transient expression in tomato leaves.
  • Fig. S5. Engineering NHP biosynthesis in tomato leaves.
  • Fig. S6. BLAST analysis of plant defense metabolites.
  • Fig. S7. Production of Pip, NHP, and NHP-Glc in seedlings in response to Pst.
  • Fig. S8. Production of NHP catalyzed by FMO1 homologs transiently expressed in N. benthamiana leaves.
  • Table S1. Percent amino acid identity of best BLAST hits to A. thaliana proteins.
  • Table S2. Primers used in this study.

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