Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where can I find detailed information for preparing a research submission?

Instructions for preparing Research Articles or Research Resources for initial submission

2. Does the word limit for research submissions include the references?

The word limit is a guide counted from the title through the materials and methods. It does not include the references. Submitted manuscripts should be as complete as possible and the editors will assist authors in shortening manuscripts if accepted.

3. How can I get help with the submission or revision site?


4. What is the impact factor of Science Signaling?

2019 Impact Factor: 6.46

5. Where can I find ST NetWatch?

ST NetWatch Archive

6. Where can I find the Forums?

Forums Archive

7. Where can I find the Database of Cell Signaling?

Database of Cell Signaling

8. What happened to the Virtual Journal?

In June 2015, the Virtual Journal was discontinued when Science Signaling was launched on a new platform that did not support this feature.

9. How do I cite content published in the journal?

How to cite

10. How can I access the full text of content in Science Signaling?

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