Table 1

Quantified selectivity values for protein kinases discussed in the text. Peptide array data were quantified and normalized to an average value of 1 within a position. Positively selected residues with values greater than 1.5 are shown. Complete quantified PWMs for all kinases are provided as data set S1.

Atg1W (1.8)L (2.8)A (1.6)V (2.4)Y (2.8)L (1.7)D (1.8)
M (2.4)I (2.3)I (2.3)
F (1.9)F (2.1)
M (1.9)M (1.8)
W (1.6)
V (1.6)
Gin4L (2.0)R (2.7)R (9.9)S (7.9)M (2.9)M (2.6)W (2.4)N (2.8)L (3.9)
I (1.8)K (2.4)K (1.6)T (1.8)K (1.8)Y (2.2)D (1.8)I (2.3)
M (1.7)H (1.8)R (1.6)P (1.8)F (1.6)
R (1.6)
K (1.6)
Mps1D (1.9)D (4.5)D (1.6)M (1.9)H (1.6)
R (1.9)E (2.4)V (1.7)
R (2.2)I (1.7)
Prk1L (4.5)R (4.0)Q (3.4)Y (2.2)G (6.8)
I (2.7)P (1.9)H (2.0)H (1.9)
M (1.6)R (1.9)
Snf1L (2.5)R (2.8)R (7.5)R (3.0)R (2.2)M (1.9)N (2.1)L (4.5)
I (2.0)K (2.5)K (3.0)T (2.4)K (1.8)F (1.9)F (1.7)I (2.1)
H (1.7)S (2.2)H (1.7)C (1.8)M (1.7)
C (1.7)Y (1.7)Y (1.6)
V (1.6)
Kin1K (1.7)H (2.0)H (2.2)N (4.0)R (2.0)Q (1.6)D (2.2)L (5.5)
W (2.0)W (2.0)S (2.3)R (1.6)N (1.7)I (2.4)
F (1.9)C (1.6)V (1.9)
Y (1.6)
Kss1H (1.8)P (6.2)D (2.0)P (8.5)P (1.9)K (1.7)
A (1.9)
R (1.9)
Yak1R (1.7)R (2.4)R (8.0)R (3.0)R (2.5)P (5.5)C (1.8)P (1.7)
C (2.5)K (2.0)R (2.3)
P (2.1)H (1.6)
A (1.6)
Vhs1M (6.4)R (2.1)R (11)S (3.1)K (1.8)S (2.7)F (1.6)
K (1.6)T (2.7)H (1.7)T (2.0)
V (1.6)R (2.0)