Table 1

Phenotypic suppression of the motility defects of unc-54(r293) after RNAi. smg-1(+) indicates a wild-type allele of smg-1. smg-1(0) indicates a null allele that expresses no detectable SMG-1 protein. smg-1(cc546ts) is a temperature-sensitive allele of smg-1 that is defective for NMD at 25°C and competent for NMD at 20°C. All strains, except wild-type, contain rrf-3(pk1426) in addition to the indicated smg-1 and unc-54 mutations.

GenotypeRNAiPhenotype (20°C)
Wild typeNoneNormal motility
smg-1(+) unc-54(r293)NoneParalyzed
smg-1(0) unc-54(r293)NoneNormal motility
smg-2Normal motility
smg-1(cc546ts) unc-54(r293)smg-8Partial motility
ruvb-1Partial motility
ruvb-2Partial motility
smg-10Partial motility