Table 1 Analysis of bovine kinase target peptides selected from queries of human peptides.
Sequence differences*All bovine peptidesPeptides on arrayComparison of bovine and human peptide§
050%65%Same descriptions
113%15%Same descriptions
27%8%Same descriptions
34%5%Same descriptions
41.5%1%Same descriptions
50.4%1%Same descriptions
60.6%0%Same descriptions
0 to 1522%5%Different descriptions or no hits

*A brief report of Blastp (version 2.2.13) results for human peptides against the NCBI-NR protein records for cow, with increasing number of peptide differences used to differentiate among human peptides compiled from Phosphosite.  †An initial list of 880 human peptides was searched against the NCBI-NR protein database to find bovine orthologous peptides. Listed categories are based on conservation of sequence similarity between the query peptide and the bovine hit.  ‡Final list of 298 bovine peptides on the array is divided into eight sections on the basis of the number of amino acids that were different between a human query and bovine hit peptide.  §For each group of peptides, this column indicates whether query human peptides and their bovine homologs referred to the same proteins on the basis of how they are described.