Table 1 Sensors used for the analysis of signaling intermediates. The table lists all of the sensors used in the first column, grouped by type of molecule, with their domain structure in the middle column and the relevant supplementary movie file listed in the right column.
Signaling proteinDesignMovie or reference
TCRTCRζ-GFP (53), MHC-GFP (35)Movies S3, S4
CD3ɛ-GFP* (N.S.C.v.O.)Movie S6
TCRζ 1,2TCRζ 1,2-GFP* (N.S.C.v.O.)
TCRζ 1-6TCRζ 1-6-GFP* (N.S.C.v.O.)Movie S5
CD28B7-2-GFP (30)(30)
CD2CD48-GFP (43)(43)
LFA-1ICAM-1-GFP (54)Movie S7
Ly108-1LY108-1-GFP*Movies S8, S9
CXCR4-GFPCXCR4-GFP* (N.S.C.v.O.)Movie S10
ActinActin-GFP (55)(56)
Microtubule organizing center (MTOC)Tubulin-GFP (55)(56)
Signaling intermediates
ZAP-70ZAP-70 tandem Src homology 2 (SH2)-GFP*Movie S11
PI3KPI3K SH2-interSH2-SH2-GFP*Movie S12
SLAM-associated protein (SAP)SAP-GFP*Movie S13
TecTec pleckstrin homology (PH)-Tec homology (TH)-SH3-GFP*Movie S14
ItkItk PH-TH-SH3-SH2-GFP*Movie S15
PLC-γPLC-γ PH-SH2-SH2-GFP*Movie S16
PKCθPKCθ-GFP (A. Altman, personal communication)Movie S2
PKCηPKCη-GFP* (G.F. and N.R.J.G.)Movie S17
Cin85GFP-Cin85*Movie S18
PIP5K γ87GFP-PIP5K γ87 (H. Yin, personal communication)Movie S20
PIP2GFP-PLC-δ PH (57)Movie S21
PIP3GFP-cytohesin PH*Movie S22
Cdc42Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP) GTPase protein binding domain (GBD)-GFP-Caax (52)(52)
RacPlenty of SH3 (POSH) GBD-GFP-Caax*Movie S23
RhoRhotekin GBD-GFP-Caax*Movie S24
Arf6Myr-GFP-Golgi–localizing, γ-adaptin ear homology (GAEH) domain, ADP ribosylation factor (ARF)–binding protein (GGA) 3 GBD*Movie S25
WASP-family verprolin homologous protein 2 (WAVE2)WAVE2-GFP (58)Movie S26
Transcription factors

*Previously unpublished sensor.