Table 1

Summary of analysis of KRAS and BRAF gene sequence and copy number in parental and AZD6244-resistant cell lines. Mutations identified in KRAS are relative to National Center for Biotechnology Information NM_004985 and NP_004976. Mutations identified in BRAF are relative to NM_004333.3 and NP_004324.2. Fold increase in copy number is relative to healthy volunteers. All of the samples were wild type in the remainder of the screened exons. wt, wild type; het, heterozygous mutant; hom, homozygous mutant.

Codon 13Amino acid 13Fold increase in
copy number (range)
Codon 600Amino acid 600Fold increase in copy
number (range)
COLO205GGC/GGC (wt)Gly(G)/Gly(G)1GTG/GAG (het)Val(V)/Glu(E)1
C6244-R1GGC/GGC (wt)Gly(G)/Gly(G)1GAG/GAG (hom)Glu(E)/Glu(E)4–5
HCT116GGC/GAC (het)Gly(G)/Asp(D)1GTG/GTG (wt)Val(V)/Val(V)1
H6244-R1GAC/GAC (hom)Asp(D)/Asp(D)>8GTG/GTG (wt)Val(V)/Val(V)1–1.5