Table 2

Summary of Web service commands.

getCancerStudiesRetrieves metadata regarding all cancer studies stored on the server.
getGeneticProfilesRetrieves metadata regarding all genetic profiles—for example, mutation or copy-number profiles—stored about a specific cancer type.
getCaseListsRetrieves metadata regarding all case lists stored about a specific cancer type. For example, within a particular study, only some cases may have sequence data, and another subset of cases may have been sequenced and treated with a specific therapeutic protocol.
getProfileDataRetrieves genomic profile data for one or more genes.
getMutationDataRetrieves the full set of annotated mutation data. This includes validation status, sequencing center, the amino acid change that results from the mutation, and the predicted functional consequence of each mutation, as predicted by
getProteinArrayInfoRetrieves informations on antibodies used by RPPA to measure protein and phosphoprotein abundance.
getProteinArrayDataRetrieves the abundance of proteins, phosphoproteins, or both measured by RPPA.
getClinicalDataRetrieves de-identified clinical data, including overall survival, disease-free survival and age at diagnosis.