Table 1 Kinases predicted to be regulated by β1AR stimulation based on the identified phosphosites.

The table summarizes our NetworKIN analysis of all identified phosphosites. Kinases with statistically significantly different distribution scores in the data set of regulated versus nonregulated phosphosites from the comparison of β1AR-stimulated mice and control mice are listed (P < 0.05, two-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov test). The name of the kinase is provided as is the two-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov P value. Using one-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests, we evaluated whether the kinase was more active in the β1AR-stimulated mice or in the control mice, and the source of the score is also provided.

KinasePMost active inScore source
AMPKa13.3 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
AMPKa26.1 × 10−3β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
BCKDK2.8 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
CaMKIIδ3.7 × 10−4β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
GRK51.2 × 10−3β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
MAP2K43.9 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
MAPKAPK24.0 × 10−7β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
MARK23.6 × 10−4β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
PAK21.8 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
PAK61.8 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
Pim15.0 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
PKAα3.2 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
PKBα2.8 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
PKBβ7.1 × 10−3β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
PKBγ2.6 × 10−3β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
RAF12.5 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
ROCK13.0 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetworKIN
RSK21.0 × 10−2β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
SGK34.9 × 10−4β1AR-stimulated miceNetPhorest
MAPK12.9 × 10−2Control miceNetworKIN
GSK-3α1.7 × 10−2Control miceNetPhorest
CDK27.6 × 10−6Control miceNetPhorest