Table 1 The 35 most abundant proteins in the E-cad-BirA* interactome.

The ribosomal proteins RPL23A, RPL29, RPS27A, RPL36AL, RPL24, RPS26, and RPL37 are not shown. 1: component of the literature-based cadhesome (14); 2: a paralog of a component of the literature-based cadhesome (14); 3: component of the literature-based integrin adhesome (27).

Mass relative
to CDH1
Published component
of cadhesome
6.48CTNNA1α-E-cateninActin binding adaptor1
5.77JUPJunction plakoglobinAdaptor1
5.71AHNAKNeuroblast differentiation–associated proteinAdaptor1
1.74CTNND1δ-Catenin; p120-cateninAdaptor1
1.73FLNAFilamin-AActin dynamics regulator2
1.00CDH1E-cadherin; Cadherin-1Adhesion receptor1
0.78FAM129BNiban-like protein 1Membrane binding adaptor1
0.71ANXA2Annexin A2Membrane binding adaptor1
0.43CRKLCrk-like proteinAdaptor1
0.43SKTSickle tail protein homologUnknownNo
0.40ERBB2IPErbb2 interacting proteinAdaptor1
0.34SCRIBProtein scribble homologAdaptor1
0.26CTTNSrc substrate cortactinActin dynamics regulator1
0.23EGFREpidermal growth factor receptorReceptor tyrosine kinase1
0.22DLG1Disks large homolog 1Adaptor1
0.22KRT18Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 18CytoskeletonNo
0.21TJP1Tight junction protein ZO-1Actin binding adaptor1
0.21CTNNA2α-N-cateninActin binding adaptor1
0.19MKL2MKL myocardin-like protein 2Transcription factorNo
0.15ANXA1Annexin A1Membrane binding adaptor2
0.15TNKS1BP1Tankyrase-1-binding proteinAdaptorNo
0.15TAGLN2Transgelin-2Actin binding adaptorNo
0.14NDRG1N-myc downstream regulated 1Adaptor1
0.14EPB41Protein 4.1Membrane binding adaptor1
0.12SNAP29Synaptosomal-associated protein 29Vesicle docking or fusionNo
0.12EFHD2EF-hand domain–containing protein D2UnknownNo
0.11SLC3A2Solute carrier family 3, member 2Transmembrane transporter3
0.12NUMBProtein numb homologAdaptor1
0.16VAMP3Vesicle-associated membrane protein 3Vesicle docking or fusionNo
0.12PDLIM1PDZ and LIM domain protein 1Actin binding adaptorNo
0.09MARK2Serine and threonine kinase MARK2Protein kinaseNo
0.09ARHGAP32Rho GTPase–activating protein 32Rho GAP1
0.08MLLT4AfadinActin binding adaptor1
0.07S100A11Protein S100-A11Adaptor2