Table 2. Computational methods used to predict protein kinase substrates.

Listed are various methods using computational tools to predict substrates on the basis of sequence or structure.

Computational methodsBasis of the search spaceSearch windowReference
NetPhosSequence9–33 residues(74)
PredkinSequence7 residues(76)
NetphosKSequence9–33 residues(75)
DISPHOSSequence25 residues(80)
pkaPSSequence80 residues(82)
NetworKINSequence9–33 residues(83)
Unnamed methodSequence9 residues(81)
Predkin 2.0Sequence7 residues(77)
Phos3DStructure2 to 10 Å(85)
Unnamed methodStructure3 to 12 Å(86)