Table 1 Learning-regulated regions are disproportionately associated with known ASD and cancer candidate genes.

ASD candidate genes were obtained from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) gene database. Cancer candidate genes were obtained from Statistical significance was calculated using χ2 tests comparing observed versus expected frequencies. ASD genes associated with learning-regulated promoters can be found in table S2.

Gene setsDisease genes/genes
associated with learning-
regulated regions
Disease genes/all genes
Fold enrichmentP value
ASD genes (all SFARI)127 of 2279880 of 53,1103.4<0.001
ASD genes (SFARI score ≤ 4)81 of 2279519 of 53,1103.6<0.001
ASD genes (syndromic)20 of 227998 of 53,1104.8<0.001
Cancer genes105 of 2279573 of 53,1104.3<0.001