Table 3 In vivo PK of TSI-13-57.

Mice were intraperitoneally treated with TSI-13-57, and the serum concentrations of compound were determined during time to assess Cmax (peak plasma concentration), Tmax (time to reach Cmax), AUCall (total area from zero to the last sampling time point), Vd (volume of distribution), Cl (clearance), and t1/2 (half-life). i.p., intraperitoneally; N.A., not analyzed.

10 mg/kg (i.p.)20 mg/kg (i.p.)
Tmax (hours)0.254
Cmax (nM)6691,260
AUCall (hourĀ·nmol)4,781.919,644.3
Vd (ml)1,190.3N.A.
Cl (ml/hour)84.242.5
t1/2 (hours)9.89