Table 3 Transplanting bone marrow from Y399F-HA PTPROt mice into WT-HA PTPROt mice increases bone mass.

Bone marrow cells from female WT-HA-PTPROt mice (WT-HA, controls) or Y399F-HA PTPROt mice (Y399F-HA) aged 5 weeks were implanted in lethally irradiated male WT-HA-PTPROt mice of the same age, and tibiae were analyzed 1 month later by μCT. Parameters shown are BV/TV (trabecular bone volume as percentage of total volume), Tb.Th (trabecular thickness), Tb.Sp (trabecular separation), and Tb.N (trabecular number). n = 7 or 8 acceptor mice in each category. Data are means ± SD and were analyzed by unpaired, two-tailed Student’s t test. The success of the transplantation procedure was evaluated by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of DNA of macrophages isolated from the mice at sacrifice for the presence of DNA markers specific for the X and Y chromosomes (fig. S3).

Donor genotypeAcceptor
WT-HAWT-HA9.3 ± 1.319.6 ± 4.3178.2 ± 29.15.17 ± 0.90
Y399F-HAWT-HA12.2 ± 1.622.2 ± 2.9161.5 ± 27.25.58 ± 0.95
P value0.00110.089NSNS