Table 1 Crystallographic data collection and refinement statistics.

X-ray crystallographic data for TrioC. Parentheses indicate values for highest resolution shell. ND, not determined; N/A, not available.

TrioCΔC (human Trio
Data collection statistics
Synchrotron sourceLS-CAT beamline 21-ID-G,
advanced photon source
Wavelength (Å)0.97856
Resolution range (Å)50–2.65 (2.70–2.65)
Space groupP212121
Unit cell (a, b, c) (Å)59.2, 85.8, 182.4
Unique reflections30511 (1371)
Multiplicity5.0 (3.8)
Completeness (%)98.7 (90.1)
Mean I/σI18.9 (1.2)
CC1/2ND (0.699)
Rsym0.085 (0.746)
Refinement statistics
Resolution limits (Å)15–2.65 (2.70–2.65)
Number of test reflections28787 (1862)
Rwork0.23 (0.34)
Rfree0.27 (0.37)
Number of nonhydrogen atoms7525
Protein residues907
RMS bonds (Å)0.008
RMS angles (°)1.2
Ramachandran favored (%)97.8
Ramachandran outliers (%)0
Clashscore calculated from
Average B-factor76.0