Table 1 Data collection and refinement statistics.

PDB, Protein Data Bank; RMSD, root mean square deviation.

CsR-WT (PDB entry 6GYH)
Data collection
ESRF, ID23-2
λ = 0.8729 Å
  Space groupH3
Cell dimensions
  a, b, c (Å)78.08, 78.08, 143.97
  α, β, γ (°)90.0, 90.0, 120.0
  Resolution (Å)32.91–2.00
  Rmerge0.110 (1.391)
  Rpim0.066 (0.901)
  <I/σ(I)>6.8 (0.8)
  CC1/20.997 (0.357)
  Completeness (%)100.0 (100.0)
  Redundancy4.4 (4.6)
  Resolution (Å)61.2–2.00
  No. of reflections20932
  Rwork/Rfree (%)19.2/22.5
  No. of atoms1715
  Bond length (Å)0.013
  Bond angle (°)1.77
Ramachandran plot
  Favored (%)98.0
  Allowed (%)1.6
  Outlier (%)0.4

*Highest resolution shell is shown in parentheses.

†Ramachandran plot created by RAMPAGE using the Richardsons’ data.