Table 1 Mouse models.

For each of the mouse models used in these studies, the “MGI (Mouse Genome Informatics) strain name,” “Nuclear background,” and “Mitochondrial mutation/SNP” mtDNA sequence compared to Bl6 mtDNA reference (NC_005089) are listed. SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism.

ModelMGI strain nameNuclear backgroundMitochondrial mutation/SNP
C57BL/6C57BL/6EiJC57BL/6mtDNA: ND5: C12352T (S204F)
C57BL/6JC57BL/6JC57BL/6JnDNA: Nnt del exon7–11
mtDNA: ND5: C12352T (S204F)
ND6 P25L/ (C57BL/6J)B6.Cg-mt-Nd6m3Dwa/JC57BL/6JnDNA: Nnt del exon7–11
mtDNA: ND6: G13997A (P25L); tRNAArg: 9821 insA
mt-129 (C57BL/6J)C57BL/6J-mt129C57BL/6JnDNA: Nnt del exon7–11
mtDNA: ND3: T9461C; tRNAArg: 9821 insA
mt-NZB (C57BL/6J)C57Bl/6J-mtNZBC57BL/6JnDNA: Nnt del exon7–11
mtDNA: tRNAPhe: G55A; rRNA 16S: A1353G, G1519A, G1590A, T1822C, T2201C,
G2340A, C2525T; ND1: A2766G (Ile6Ala), T2767C (Ile6Ala), C2798T, T2814C,
C2840T, C2934T(Arg62His), T3194C, A3260G, T3422C, T3467C, T3599C,
A3692G;ND2: G3932A (Ala7Thr), C4123T, G4276A, T4324C, G4408A,
A4706G(Ile265Val), C4732T, T4771C, A4885C, T4903G; tRNACys: 5205insG;
COI: G5463A(Ala46Thr), T5552C, G5930A, T6041C, C6407T, A6470G, C6575T,
G6620S, G6785A; COII: A7411G; ATP8: G7870A; ATP6: A8439G, T8467C,
C8568T; COIII: T8858C, C8864T, A9137G, T9152C; tRNAGly: A9391G; ND3:
T9461C, C9530T, C9581T, A9599G; tRNAArg: 9821 insAA; ND4L:
G9985A(Val37Met); ND4: C10547T, A10583G, C10952A(Ile262Met);
ND5: G11843A, C11846T, A11933C, C12353T, T12575A, A12695G,
T12835C(Ile365Thr), A12890G, G13004A, C13444T(Thr568Ile); ND6:
T13612C, C13689T(Val128Ile), A13781G(Ile97Ala), A13782G(Ile97Ala),
A13837G, A13983G; CYTB: T14186C, G14211A(Ala23Thr), A14363G,
G14642A, C14738T; control region: T15499A, C15549T, A15578T,
C15588T, C15603T, T15657C, C15917T, A16017C, A16268G, T16272C
mt-129/NZB (C57BL/6J)C57BL/6J-mt129/NZBC57BL/6JMix of mt-129 and mt-NZB
mCAT (C57BL/6J)B6.Cg-Tg(CAG-OTC/CAT)4033Prab/JC57BL/6JnDNA: Nnt del exon7–11; Tg-mCAT
mtDNA: ND5: C12352T (S204F)