Table 1 PGE2-inducing activity of serum-free Tc CM and NSTc CM used for MS.

Quantification of PGE2 in monocytes treated with MDP in the presence of conditioned medium (CM) prepared from CD3 bead–isolated T cells (Tc CM) or from negatively selected T cells (NSTc CM) cultured overnight in serum-free Expi293 medium.

CM*PGE2 ± SD (pg/ml)Fold increase
Neat2,309.0 ± 4.4250.0 ± 8.39.2
Concentrated66,769.8 ± 14,258.85,128.0 ± 1,784.013.0

*Tc CM and NSTc CM were left untreated (Neat) or were concentrated using a 50-kDa MWCO centrifugal filter (Concentrated).

†Monocytes were treated with MDP in the presence of Tc CM Neat or Concentrated or with MDP in the presence of NSTc CM Neat or Concentrated overnight. Monocyte cell culture supernatants were assayed for PGE2 production. Data are shown as means ± SD from triplicates.

‡Fold increase was calculated for PGE2 production in monocytes incubated with MDP and Tc CM versus MDP and NSTc CM. Representative of three experiments.