Table 2 Ongoing and completed clinical trials with RIPK inhibitors.

A list of all identifiable completed or ongoing clinical trials from searching the and databases and studies published as research papers (PubMed) or abstracts (Web of Science) by January 2020. Indications and reported side effects are listed. If a compound has been evaluated for the same indication in different trials, then only the trial representing the highest phase is listed. Early terminated studies have been excluded. ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; UC, ulcerative colitis.

CompoundTargetPhaseIndicationsResultsClinical trial identifier
(trial status)
GSK2982772 (GSK’772)RIPK11Intended for IBD79 healthy participants.
Well-tolerated up to
240 mg/day. Adverse
events of mild intensity
(most commonly
contact dermatitis and
RIPK11Intended for
autoimmune diseases
RIPK12UCNot yet disclosedNCT02903966
DNL747RIPK11Alzheimer’sNot yet disclosedNCT03757325

*Observations for pharmacokinetic studies available at