Table 4 Constructs used for expression of protein domains.

Protein domains and the encoding plasmids. Species is human unless otherwise stated.

AP2 μ2 (160–435)Q96CW1pGEX-4 T1
DOK1 PTB (151–256)Q99704pH1003
FRS2 PTB (8–136)Q8WU20pH1003
FYN SH2 (142–251)P06241pGEX
GABARAP ATG8 (2-115)O95166pGEX-4 T1
GABARAPL2 ATG8 (2–115)P60520pGEX-4 T1
IRS1 PTB (157–267)P35568pH1003
LYN SH2 (106–213)P07948pGEX
MAGI1 PDZ1 (1–106)Q96QZ7pETM41
MAP1LC3A ATG8 (2–119)Q9H492pGEX-4 T1
MAP1LC3B ATG8 (2–119)Q9GZQ8pGEX-4 T1
MAP1LC3C ATG8 (2–125)Q9BXW4pGEX-4 T1
Mouse SNX17 FERM (109–388)Q15036pMCSG10
NCK1 SH2 (275–377)P16333pGEX-2 T
NHERF3 PDZ1 (2–107)Q5T2W1pETM41
NHERF3 PDZ2 (132–224)Q5T2W1pETM41
SCRIB PDZ1 (718–814)Q14160pETM41
SHANK1 PDZ (655–761)Q9Y566pETM41
SNX27 PDZ (40–141)Q96L92pETM41
SNTA1 PDZ (84–171)Q13424pETM41
TAX1B3 PDZ (7–124)O14907pETM41
TLN1 PTB (442–770)Q9Y490pH1003
TLN2 PTB (309–401)Q9Y4G6pH1003